Looking to Join us in 2021?

Below you’ll find the steps to do so.

NEW for 2021! We’ve reduced membership dues to just $10. If you paid in 2020 your dues are still good!
We simply need to collect a little contact information, your $10 payment, a waiver and have you buy a kit to ride in.
This is a no-brainer folks! That’s a whole year’s worth of sponsor discounts, events, camaraderie, rides and a custom-designed kit – all for less than a dinner out or a movie.

The only other requirements are:

  • To fill out an online waiver (to keep you and us safe),
  • To order and pay for your jersey/kit purchase through Cuore
    (A jersey or top piece order is required)
    You do want to be see in a spiffy new kit don’t you?,
  • To join us in some rides, events and clinics throughout the year.
  • To assist us in putting on the Blue Sky Velo Cup

We hope to see you soon!

Step 1: Fill out our membership form

Fill out this short membership form so that we can capture your details and communicate with you.

Step 2: Pay for your membership

Pay your $10 dues via paypal:

Step 3: Fill out a waiver form

Fill out our online waiver:

Step 4: Order your Jersey/Kit

If you’re lucky enough to make the first order, we’ll let you know when the kit order opens at Cuore and send you a link. If you come in after the first order, we’ll put you on a wait list until enough others have joined to complete another order, at which time you will be sent a link to the store to complete your order.

Step 4: Join us at events

Join us at some events AND help us put on the Blue Sky Cup to enliven our community through cycling.

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